Carlock News

  • March Meeting to be Held via Teleconference amid Covid-19 Outbreak

    Due to Governor Pritzker's Shelter-In-Place mandate to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19, the Village of Carlock will hold it's March 24th meeting via teleconference.  By executive order, the Governor relaxed the Open Meetings Act teleconferencing rules to allow public bodies to continue to conduct business during the Covid-19 outbreak.  Therefore, with the allowances granted by the Governor's executive order, the Village of Carlock will be employing it's Ordinance 2007-04 Procedures for Electronic Attendance at Meetings. 

    The Open Meetings Act requires that a quorum be present at the physical location of the meeting before a board member may be allowed to join the meeting via electronic access, that there are limited circumstances that a board member may join a meeting remotely, and that the public body must also have an ordinance in place allowing electronic conferencing before any electronic attendance is allowed.  The Governor's temporary relaxation of that rule waives the need for a quorum at a physical location and the limitations for allowing a board member to participate electronically.  However, accomodations must be made so that the general public can still participate and be allowed to address the board.  Rules for notifications and posting of meetings at least 48 hours in advance are still required as well.

    Here are the instructions for accessing the meeting on March 24, 2020 at 7:00pm.

    1. Using a touch tone phone, dial the toll-free number:  1-408-650-3123
    2. When prompted, enter the Access Code:  981-400-877

    Hints and Suggestions for Teleconferencing:

    • You can call in at anytime from 15 minutes before the start time of 7pm through the entire meeting.  
    • Find a quiet place to access the meeting. Please try to keep background noise to a minimum.  Turn down or turn off TVs, radios.
    • There will be a time at the beginning of the meeting for Visitors Concerns/Comments.  The Mayor will ask if there is anyone who wishes to address the board at this time.  
    • If you wish to make a comment or ask a question at another time during the meeting, please be patient and polite, and wait until a break in the discussion of the board.  Since we can't see hands being raised, please say "Excuse me, please." and the mayor will acknowledge you. 

  • New Generation 911 Addresses - How You Can Help

    There have been some questions posted about the address changes that have occurred for some Carlock residents. This was not a Carlock decision. This was an Illinois Legislative Mandate called the Emergency Telephone System Act (50 ILCS 750) to provide Next Generation 911 Service. This mandate required a village official, who was me, to sit down with a McLean County Metcom representative to look at every single property within the village to determine if there was a physical address assigned and if so, if it was correct and complied to the addressing system. (Yes, there are specific addressing systems used to assign addresses in municipalities.)

    We tried our best to make as few changes as possible. Those, though, who had properties that required address changes were notified 30 days in advance of the change date via certified letter. Some of the changes made were due to the following:

    • Properties that didn’t have physical addresses assigned (storage buildings, etc.).

    • Even/Odd house numbers on the wrong side of the street.

    • House numbers on the street running the wrong direction.

    • Assigned and clarified units within multi-residence buildings.

    • Houses numbered on the wrong block.

    • Corner properties facing one direction but numbered on the cross street

    Although there were changes made within the original village of Carlock, unfortunately a majority of the changes were required in Stoneman Gardens, as it was discovered through this process that almost all of the original address assignments in the subdivision were incorrect.

     We know this is a hassle and requires some expense to change house numbers, etc. (It is not unlike what all the rural residents went through a few years back when all RR1 addresses were required to be changed to 911 addresses.) But, please, it is imperative for those of you with changes, to properly identify your houses, apartment and condo units, and commercial properties so that emergency services can easily and efficiently identify your location should you ever need their help. The new addresses are what the 911 office now sees when they are looking at maps and trying to help responders find the correct locations.

    Actually. . . please, let this serve as a reminder to all residents to check out how your properties are marked. Do you have address numbers posted? Are they easily visible? Are they easily visible in the dark?

    A few seconds can save a life.

    Also. . . until delivery companies’ address systems get updated, please help out those delivery people in identifying your neighbors’ houses. ‘Tis the season. 😊

    Thanks for your attention and help with this matter. . . . Rhonda

  • Tonight's (11/26) Board Meeting Postponed

    Please note, due to illness and therefore a lack of a quorum, tonight's board meeting is being postponed until Monday, 12/2, at 7pm.  Still in the Carlock Library Community Room.

  • TIF District Hearings

    Tuesday, July 30, 2019; 6:00p.m. - Taxing Body Officials Hearing

    Thursday, August 29, 2019, 6:00p.m. - Public Hearing

    Both hearings will be held at the Carlock Library Meeting Room.

    TIF Map

    What is a TIF District?

    • A TIF district essentially reallocates funds from property taxes to encourage investment within the district. An important thing for property owners within the TIF to understand is that their property tax rates do not automatically go up with the creation of a TIF.
    • The assessed value of the properties within the TIF district at its establishment becomes the base assessed value. The property taxes collected on that base assessed value get apportioned to the taxing bodies as normal throughout the term of the TIF.
    • During the term of the TIF District, taxes collected on any improvement in assessed value above the baseline value are captured entirely by the Village of Carlock.
    • After the term of the TIF, taxes on the entire assessed value get apportioned to the taxing bodies as before the TIF was established.
    • The tax rates themselves do not change as a result of the TIF.  Property tax rates will only increase if a taxing body decides to raise their rates.
    • TIF dollars collected must be used within the TIF district . . for infrastructure, improvements, incentives for building and improvements, business development, etc.
    • The collection of TIF monies helps keep the village from raising the village property tax rate, and frees up the general budget funds for needs throughout the rest of the village.
    • In order for areas to be included in a TIF District, criteria must be met that demonstrate the areas are blighted or growth is stagnate.  TIF District areas must be contiguous.
  • Town Meeting - Water Rates Discussion

    DATE:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019

    TIME:  7:00p.m.

    WHERE:  White Oak Township Community Building

    Please join us for a an open town meeting to learn about the current and future water plant needs and the cost and expenses associated with them.  Village Board members will give a presentation outlining cost figures and proposed future rates.  There will be time for questions and input following the presentation. 

  • CHANGED DATE! Second Saturday Series - Kickball Tournament

    Gather your friends. . .gather your co-workers. . . .gather your neighbors. . .gather your people!

    Put together your team for the Round Robin Kickball Tournament!

    NEW DATE:  Saturday, September 14, 2019

    Start time:  9:00am     Schedule TBD based on # teams.

    Registration:  $40/team        Click HERE to register your team.   Click HERE for rules.

    Winning Team will receive a traveling trophy and bragging rights.

  • Carlock Proclaims May to be ALS Awareness Month

    In action at the April, 2019 meeting, Village President, Jeremiah Houston, proclaimed May to be Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Awareness Month.  We encourage our residents to take some time to learn about this devastating disease and perhaps give towards finding a cure.  More can be learned by visiting the ALS Association website at:


  • Carlock Spring Renewal Project

    CLEAN UP! - May 4th (Raindate:  May 18th) marks the date for Carlock's Spring Renewal Project.  Several Community Groups have committeed to taking on some clean-up projects around the village.  Won't you join along and help us build some CARLOCK PRIDE and keep our welcoming town beautiful?  Click on the link below to see projects that are needed to be completed.  We welcome groups and individuals. . don't be shy!  Drop an email to Rhonda at or text her at 309/275.8451 to let her you can help and what project you'd like to be involved with.  Of course, we'll take volunteers on that day as well, but letting us know you're planning to join us will help us plan for food. 

    GET RID OF THE JUNK! - There will also be a dumpster located down by the water tower on this day for residents to get rid of junk. . . IT'S FREE!  (Sorry. . we cannot accept electrical devices, appliances, tires, oil, batteries, yard waste, concrete or paint that is still in liquid form.)



  • Pet Vaccination Clinic May 18th in Carlock

    Eastland Companion Animal Hospital will be holding a walk-in vaccination clinic at the Village of Carlock Maintenance Shed (near water tower) on Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

    All residents of Carlock and outlying areas are welcome to attend.

    No office visit fee will be charged.  Vaccinations fro canines and felines will be at a reduced price. 

    Cash or check will be accepted.

  • Two Part-time Positions Available with Village

    Two part-time positions are available and have been posted for the Village:

    Assistant to the Water Plant Manager

    Public Works Technician

    Position descriptions and requirements can be found by clicking on each link.  We are looking for two part-time individuals, but it is possible the right person could fulfill both positions.  In that case, however, the position would still be considered part-time as both positions would have fluxuating hours and the Public Works position's hours would vary due to the seasons.

    Questions can be directed to:  Rhonda Baer by email: or phone:  309/275.8451 evenings and weekends.