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  • Peddlers

    BE AWARE. . .we have seen a couple posts and have had a couple reports about people going door to door asking to see electric bills and/or saying that gas meters need to be updated. Please do NOT let these people in your house and/or look at your utility bills that could have personal information.

    Door-to-door peddlers are required by ordinance to purchase a Peddler Permit from the Village of Carlock. The police help us check their credentials and backgrounds to verify that they are legitimate. THERE HAVE BEEN NO PERMITS ISSUED AT THIS TIME FOR THESE ACTIVITIES.

    Should anyone stop at your door wanting to gain access to your home or your information, you can take these precautions:
    1. Do NOT let them step in your house.
    2. Ask to see their Peddlers Permit issued by the Village of Carlock.
    3. Ask to see their Comany ID/Credentials
    4. Call the village office or call the police if they are persistent and refuse to leave. Danvers and McLean Co. have both responded to previous reports.
    5. Do not give them information that lets them know you are alone in the house.

    Phone numbers:
    Village of Carlock Office: 309-376-2219
    Danvers Police Non-Emergency: 309-963-6330; Emergency:  911
    Metcom Non-Emergency (for McLean Co police): 309-888-5030; Emergency:  911