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  • March Meeting to be Held via Teleconference amid Covid-19 Outbreak

    Due to Governor Pritzker's Shelter-In-Place mandate to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19, the Village of Carlock will hold it's March 24th meeting via teleconference.  By executive order, the Governor relaxed the Open Meetings Act teleconferencing rules to allow public bodies to continue to conduct business during the Covid-19 outbreak.  Therefore, with the allowances granted by the Governor's executive order, the Village of Carlock will be employing it's Ordinance 2007-04 Procedures for Electronic Attendance at Meetings. 

    The Open Meetings Act requires that a quorum be present at the physical location of the meeting before a board member may be allowed to join the meeting via electronic access, that there are limited circumstances that a board member may join a meeting remotely, and that the public body must also have an ordinance in place allowing electronic conferencing before any electronic attendance is allowed.  The Governor's temporary relaxation of that rule waives the need for a quorum at a physical location and the limitations for allowing a board member to participate electronically.  However, accomodations must be made so that the general public can still participate and be allowed to address the board.  Rules for notifications and posting of meetings at least 48 hours in advance are still required as well.

    Here are the instructions for accessing the meeting on March 24, 2020 at 7:00pm.

    1. Using a touch tone phone, dial the toll-free number:  1-408-650-3123
    2. When prompted, enter the Access Code:  981-400-877

    Hints and Suggestions for Teleconferencing:

    • You can call in at anytime from 15 minutes before the start time of 7pm through the entire meeting.  
    • Find a quiet place to access the meeting. Please try to keep background noise to a minimum.  Turn down or turn off TVs, radios.
    • There will be a time at the beginning of the meeting for Visitors Concerns/Comments.  The Mayor will ask if there is anyone who wishes to address the board at this time.  
    • If you wish to make a comment or ask a question at another time during the meeting, please be patient and polite, and wait until a break in the discussion of the board.  Since we can't see hands being raised, please say "Excuse me, please." and the mayor will acknowledge you.