Carlock News

  • Carlock Proclaims May to be ALS Awareness Month

    In action at the April, 2019 meeting, Village President, Jeremiah Houston, proclaimed May to be Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Awareness Month.  We encourage our residents to take some time to learn about this devastating disease and perhaps give towards finding a cure.  More can be learned by visiting the ALS Association website at:


  • Carlock Spring Renewal Project

    CLEAN UP! - May 4th (Raindate:  May 18th) marks the date for Carlock's Spring Renewal Project.  Several Community Groups have committeed to taking on some clean-up projects around the village.  Won't you join along and help us build some CARLOCK PRIDE and keep our welcoming town beautiful?  Click on the link below to see projects that are needed to be completed.  We welcome groups and individuals. . don't be shy!  Drop an email to Rhonda at or text her at 309/275.8451 to let her you can help and what project you'd like to be involved with.  Of course, we'll take volunteers on that day as well, but letting us know you're planning to join us will help us plan for food. 

    GET RID OF THE JUNK! - There will also be a dumpster located down by the water tower on this day for residents to get rid of junk. . . IT'S FREE!  (Sorry. . we cannot accept electrical devices, appliances, tires, oil, batteries, yard waste, concrete or paint that is still in liquid form.)



  • Pet Vaccination Clinic May 18th in Carlock

    Eastland Companion Animal Hospital will be holding a walk-in vaccination clinic at the Village of Carlock Maintenance Shed (near water tower) on Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

    All residents of Carlock and outlying areas are welcome to attend.

    No office visit fee will be charged.  Vaccinations fro canines and felines will be at a reduced price. 

    Cash or check will be accepted.

  • Two Part-time Positions Available with Village

    Two part-time positions are available and have been posted for the Village:

    Assistant to the Water Plant Manager

    Public Works Technician

    Position descriptions and requirements can be found by clicking on each link.  We are looking for two part-time individuals, but it is possible the right person could fulfill both positions.  In that case, however, the position would still be considered part-time as both positions would have fluxuating hours and the Public Works position's hours would vary due to the seasons.

    Questions can be directed to:  Rhonda Baer by email: or phone:  309/275.8451 evenings and weekends.


    The boil order, that was in effect for Carlock residences and businesses on Washington and Franklin Streets west of Division and east of Milligan, has been lifted.  The order was a precautionary measure while flushing the mains as a step to correct the excess iron in the water causing discoloration. 

  • Ryan Eaves Joins Board of Trustees

    The Village Board approved the appointment of Ryan Eaves to the Village Board of Trustees at the January 22nd meeting.  Village President made the appointment to replace Trustee James Fenton after he submitted his resignation.  Eaves will fulfill the committee assignments that were left open after Fenton's resignation until new committee assignments are made in the Spring.

  • Peddlers

    BE AWARE. . .we have seen a couple posts and have had a couple reports about people going door to door asking to see electric bills and/or saying that gas meters need to be updated. Please do NOT let these people in your house and/or look at your utility bills that could have personal information.

    Door-to-door peddlers are required by ordinance to purchase a Peddler Permit from the Village of Carlock. The police help us check their credentials and backgrounds to verify that they are legitimate. THERE HAVE BEEN NO PERMITS ISSUED AT THIS TIME FOR THESE ACTIVITIES.

    Should anyone stop at your door wanting to gain access to your home or your information, you can take these precautions:
    1. Do NOT let them step in your house.
    2. Ask to see their Peddlers Permit issued by the Village of Carlock.
    3. Ask to see their Comany ID/Credentials
    4. Call the village office or call the police if they are persistent and refuse to leave. Danvers and McLean Co. have both responded to previous reports.
    5. Do not give them information that lets them know you are alone in the house.

    Phone numbers:
    Village of Carlock Office: 309-376-2219
    Danvers Police Non-Emergency: 309-963-6330; Emergency:  911
    Metcom Non-Emergency (for McLean Co police): 309-888-5030; Emergency:  911

  • I-74 Exit Ramps Open

    The I-74 Carlock Exit 120 ramps on all lanes lanes have been reopened and all detours have been removed.  

  • Carlock Water Boil Order LIFTED

    WATER UPDATE:  12:30pm


    Test results have returned and all is good.  Thank you everyone for your patience!

    The Village of Carlock continues to be under a boil order today, 10/17/18. We are waiting for testing results to return sometime this afternoon. This is a precautionary measure due to the fire yesterday that pulled an excessive amount of water from our system.

    Additionally, I have seen a post about boiling water and the effects it has on arsenic concentration. Though it is true that boiling water will increase the concentration of the arsenic in the water..... as it does for all minerals. . . it is such a miniscule amount for such a short period of time that it does not pose any real danger. However, if it still a concern, bottled water is an option.

    We realize this is an inconvenience, but it is necessary to ensure the safety of the water supply. Thank you for your patience and understanding. . and your help to spread the word.

    We are truly saddened by the loss of the J&J Powedercoating building, but grateful there were no injuries or worse. Please keep the J&J Powdercoating family in your thoughts and prayers.

    Thanks.. Rhonda