Village of Carlock Contact Information

Village of Carlock Office:

302 SE Hill Street
POB 233
Carlock, IL 61725

Phone:  309/376.2219


Office Hours*:

Monday:  7:30a-11:30a
Tuesday:  8:00a-4:00p
Thursday:  7:30a-11:30a
Friday:  12:30p-4:30p
*These hours may vary slightly due to emergency calls or other circumstances that require the Village Clerk to leave the office.  All attempts will be made to post planned changes in the schedule.

Village of Carlock President: 

 Jeremiah Houston - 309/807.6078

Village of Carlock Trustees:

Rhonda Baer - 309/275.8451

Ryan Eaves - 309/212.2399

Doug Geshiwlm- 309/376.6221

John Holliger - 309/531.3099

Isaac Judd - 309/530.2302

David Schwartz - 309/533.0809

Village of Carlock Clerk: 

Michele Becker - 309/376.2219

Village of Carlock Treasurer: 

Chris Sams -