Municipal Code

Village of Carlock Municipal Code*

Title Page & Resolution

Table of Contents (eff. July, 2017)

Chapters 1, 2, & 3 (General Provisions, Board of Trustees, Village Administration) (eff. July, 2017)

Chapter 4 (Streets and Sidewalks)

Chapter 6 (Water Ordinance)

Chapter 7 (Water Service Charges)

Chapter 12 (Nuisances)

Chapter 13 (Animals)

Chapter 14 (Mobile Homes)

Chapter 22 (Subdivision Code and Manual of Practice)

Chapter 23 (Zoning)

Chapter 24 (Building Code) (eff. April, 2018)

Chapters 25 & 26 (Electrical Code & Plumbing Code)

Chapter 31 (Licenses and Permits)

Chapters 32 & 33 (Business Regulations & Municipal Occupation Taxes)

Chapter 36 (General Provisions)

Chapter 37 (Traffic and Truck Traffic Regulations)

Chapter 38 (Parking Regulations)

Chapter 39 (Abandoned Vehicles)

Chapter 42 (Offenses against Public Peace, Safety and Morals)

Chapter 43 (Emergency Services and Disaster)

Chapter 44 (Ordinances, Agreements, Long Term Leases)

Chapter 45 (Special Flood Ordinance)

Chapter 46 (Miscellaneous)

Chapter 47 (Village Park Rules and Regulations)

*Any updates to the code book are made as soon as possible, but it may not reflect the most current ordinance adoptions or changes.  For specific questions, please contact the village office.